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Smoke Cone, Apple Part# 03-0176 BQ222

Smoke Cone, Apple Part# 03-0176 BQ222
SKU: 03-0176
Manufacturer part number: BQ222
GTIN: 876249001241
Availability: 45 in stock
Vendor: NTP
In culinary circles, the in thing is cold smoking. Fish and meats, like salmon, tuna and pork chops, only 5 to 10 minutes, not enough to smoke with wood chips. Using Smoke Cones in your grill, you can cold smoke food up to 30 minutes, then light your grill and cook it. Smoke Cones seal in real wood flavor and juices. Long lasting smoke cone for all types of grills. Turns ordinary grills into smokers. One smoke cone per package. Apple flavor