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Cover, Class A, PermaPRO, 30'-33' Part# 01-0203 80-145-181001-00

Cover, Class A, PermaPRO, 30'-33' Part# 01-0203 80-145-181001-00
SKU: 01-0203
Manufacturer part number: 80-145-181001-00
GTIN: 052963008319
Availability: 6 in stock
Vendor: NTP
PermaPRO (tm) Class A Covers fits 30'-33'L, 122" max H * Manufactured with Rip-Stop technology Rip-Stop fabric is strong, light weight, dramatically improves tension strength and minimizes the chance of tearing. * Distributed Stitching Pattern Ensures even distribution of tension throughout the cover, reducing failure of individual straps. * New and Improved Strapping System Includes a weighted toss bag making installation easier than ever. No more crawling under your RV to install tension straps. * Front and Rear Tension Panels and Elasticized hem corners Provide a more custom fit. * Air Vent System Reduces wind stress and inside moisture. * Sophisticated Zipper System Long zipper pulls allow access to any part of the RV even when covered. * Expanding Bag Rip-Stop zippered storage bag which expands for easy storing. * Longest Warranty in the Business 4 year hassle-free warranty.