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Bravura Water Saver Package Part# 12-0340 33226

Bravura Water Saver Package Part# 12-0340 33226
SKU: 12-0340
Manufacturer part number: 33226
GTIN: 028985332268
Availability: 33 in stock
Vendor: NTP
Now you can add the convenience of a hand spray to your Thetford toilet! The Water Saver Spray attachment is easy to install on your toilet. Thetford offers the hand spray water saver feature and easy operation for Thetford's popular toilet models, Aqua-Magic, Galaxy, Starlite and Bravura. It is compatible with both high and low models. The Water Saver Hand Spray package includes the spray handle with attached hose, wall mount hand spray holder, replacement floor flange gasket and complete instructions for installation. FITS BRAVURA TOILETS